LTG Michael Flynn : k Obama refuses to acknowledge radical Islam

: Flynn said the Obama administration fails to comprehend the mentality of Islamic terror, which is “fueled by a vision for worldwide domination, achieved through violence and bloodshed.” “They want us to think that our challenge is dealing with an undefined set of violent extremists or merely lone-wolf actors with no ideology or network. But that’s just not the straight truth,” he said. “Our adversaries around the world are self-described Islamic militants — they say,” he told the crowd at the annual National Defense Industry Association’s special operations meeting. There were many nods of approval, the Beast reported. Further, the White House’s blueprint of “retreat, retrenchment and disarmament are historically a recipe for disaster,” Flynn said. According to the Beast, Flynn advocates a “sweeping, decades-long campaign against the Islamic State Group, al-Qaida and its ilk — a fight like the one against the former Soviet Union against a new enemy he said is ‘committed to the destruction of freedom and the American way of life.'”

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