No politics aside

Under the Obama Administration the VA for the last eight years has not shown or has shown very little Improvement in dealing with our veterans.

I was very optimistic when a former Military Academy alumni was appointed the head of the VA. He came there with lots of Civilian corporate experience and making things run smoothly. Many things were discovered including falsified reports but nobody to this date has been fired. It could be due to the bureaucracy associated with government agencies.

I have not had any issue with the VA facility in Reno Nevada. But I do know of other facilities based upon conversations with other vets that Reno is the exception to the rule.

President Obama and Hillary Clinton are both part of the administration that has not improved the veterans Medical facilities.

Don’t forget that when President Obama first took office he thought all veterans, since they were volunteers, should pay for their own insurance and this was met with outrage by vets as well as Congress. He does not respect the military very much as I can see through his actions.

So when voting think how you’ve been treated as a vet and vote accordingly.

Donald Trump has donated over five million dollars to Veterans organizations. How many have Hillary donated to?

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